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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing emergency card for school
Instructions and Help about student emergency card form
hi attorney Rick win blood here to talk to you about in case of emergency card the card he should take as you head off to college the card contains information about you that would be important in case of emergency obviously your name that also has your allergies any type of medical condition may have an emergency contact information most people will list their parents perhaps when the most important features to the student and the parents is it shows that there is a HIPAA release on file hip is a federal law it stands for the health insurance portability and accountability act if it begins protecting your privacy once you turn 18 this law can prevent doctors from discussing your health care with your parents even in an emergency you can complete a HIPAA release that authorizes doctors to discuss your situation with your parents but if you don't have a release the doctors may refuse to discuss your situation I called the hospital and the doctor no one would tell me anything even though I explained I was her mother and that I was in st Louis I was told that Kimberly was of age and that HIPAA governed release of information simply completing a hip release is not enough the doctor needs to have access to it in order to discuss your medical condition with your parents doc you bank allows doctors to acccess HIPAA lease and other important documents 24-7 by fax or by internet the in case of emergency card would provide the doctors with a way to obtain your HIPAA release and other medical information by the internet or through fax they simply turn the card over for those instructions something else to consider is making an advanced health care directive an advanced health care directive tells doctors what treatments you would like to receive or you would prefer not to have with certain conditions such as being in a comatose state or at the end of life situation you can also appoint someone to make health care decisions for you if you cannot communicate this is known as a health care proxy you can also indicate your preferences with regard to organ and tissue donations additional features your prints will be alerted by email when the card is used and given a phone number of the facility that requested the documents your parent will receive an extra copy of the card that they can use to fax the documents to a hospital between four hours a day also docu bank includes an online safe that can be used to store and share other important documents here's the short video to show how it works welcome I'm Randy Segal president of Daka Bank we are here to give you access to life's important documents right when you need them with your document membership you get convenience and peace of mind from having your vital information securely stored and instantly available to you at a moment's notice in this video you'll learn how to take full advantage of your membership your doc you bank membership has two parts an emergency wallet card that lets...